Sunday, December 11, 2011

Go Semantic

Semantic web is an amazing technology to work with enormous amount of data around us. Formal or technical or mathematical definition of semantic web may be difficult to understand someone like me.

Let think about a man how we understand any word or what is the actual semantics or meanings of a word. Such as if any one tell "Joe is a student" if we consider the word student then our brain crests some virtual image in our mind as : student >>reading, study, subject,course , institution,student name, exam result etc. Then we understand what doe's it mean by the word "STUDENT". So, this mechanism tells us information related to word student is already known by us means already associated in our mind or linked as a network of association. This is how one can understand .

In can of  machine if we create this association then machine can understand about the word STUDENT. Means machine can understand like us. Formally we know this as AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Every day huge amount of data are added to space of web. And we know modern web is also known as DATA WEB.

We can explain the associativity using a simple "FAMILY RELATIONSHIP". Father is related to son , daughter and wife. And other members also related to all other members of the same family in a round-robin style.

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