Monday, December 12, 2011

Deploy or Install Linked Media Framework

One can deploy LMF (linked media framework <LMF.WAR>) as :

Test the kiwi LMF provided by community

>>JRE above 6
>>Apache Tomcat above 6

Step 1 :
Download the zip file from the following link

Step 2 :
 Extract it and we will get a LMF.war file inside it.

Step 3:

Tomcat installation :
>>Please download the core tar.gz file from the following

>>Untar it and copy it into /usr/local directory .
>>Rename the folder which we find earlier as tomcat .
>>now check the folder and file permission of tomcat using “ls -la” command .
>>and chance the file permission using “chmod +x *” command (need to be root user or in case of
ubuntu use sudo ) & make sure all sub folders with execution permission .
>>Lets try to test your tomcat installation . Got o /usr/locat/tomcat/bin directory and issue a command
“./” and tomcat will up . (note : if u wish to shutdown the tomcat server you can do with with
issuing ./ command under /usr/local/tomcat/bin)
>>Open any browser and type the url : http://localhost:8080/

Step 4:
Now time to deploy LMF.war application .
>>just copy this archive file to the directory “/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/”
(note : hear /webapps works as a web-root like old time /httpdocs folder )

Step 5 :
Test that :
LMF is up and running on your machine : with the URL : http://localhost:8080/LMF/
I think you are with face smiling now.

Step :6
Please don't think about database right now.After LMF up and running it has option to configure
database in automatic manner.
Note ::
For further detail :

I tested this under debian .So I think debian will be fine but hope so ubuntu is also fine .

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