Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smartplanet and Smart Search Solution

An Introduction to Linked Data

Decomposing Liked Data , we got liked and then another word Data .So, come up with Linked . What does it mean linked , ah! Interesting but not new to us.

Back to our teenage .
A boy named Goni is linked with a girl name Ulfot by mysterious glue love . So link means connection and liked means a virtual connectivity between two thing/object/a boy – a girl. Formally or as a eye of computing student we can define it as a association or associativity . Lets back to the love relation between Goni and Ulfot . Hear Goni and Ulfot are two object and they are related with a property named love .

Now, second word data .Data means a abstract concept. In computing world personally I prefer to use word raw before the trivial concept data.

Linked + Data = Linked Data

                                   Part of the Linking Open (LOD) Data Project Cloud Diagram

It's really simple to understand what implication made by the combination of liked and data .As, some associated data liked with some property middle of them . If Goni and Ulfot are two data object and love is a property between them. Then a virtual visualization come up inside our mind it is nothing but a liked data structure as mentioned by a formal computing science student.

Lets : run through the planet named web then we got strong and must mentioned relationship with world wide web (www) and linked data. Web is all about data and information (organized data known as information).In recent days web is also know as data web. Data web or web of data whatever we call this abstract concept there is another name of this concept is known as semantic web .Ah! Hear we go linked data is the backbone of semantic data.

But all of those data are not organized or structured and manageability and usability of those raw data are quit difficult and in some case that are almost impossible,because of the less structured or not organized at all and another parameter is the mammoth size of the data and it is increasing rapidly in every single second where stack holder is like a tiny toy. So ,we need to organize those data formally and in standard way.

Linked Data is about using the Web to connect related data that wasn't previously linked, or using the Web to lower the barriers to linking data currently linked using other methods. More specifically, Wikipedia defines Linked Data as "a term used to describe a recommended best practice for exposing, sharing, and connecting pieces of data, information, and knowledge on the Semantic Web using URIs and RDF." (ref : http://linkeddata.org/)

Example :
A typical case of a large Linked Dataset is DBPedia, which, essentially, makes the content of Wikipedia available in RDF

Learn More
To learn from big bird :Tim Berners-Lee's note on Linked Data gives a succinct description of the Linked Data principles.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Linux Distribution

step by step django

Introduction to Web Service

Web service is a well known and popular term now a days in web application world. Sometimes we are puzzled with the actual definition of WS. But www.w3.org/ resolve the issue by giving the formal definition of web service.

Web Services (WS) are software systems that support interoperable machine-to-machine interactions over a network. They provide a universal glue between different applications within the enterprise, or between different companies and they enable fast development of distributed applications in heterogeneous systems.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Deploy or Install Linked Media Framework

One can deploy LMF (linked media framework <LMF.WAR>) as :

Test the kiwi LMF provided by community

>>JRE above 6
>>Apache Tomcat above 6

Step 1 :
Download the zip file from the following link

Step 2 :
 Extract it and we will get a LMF.war file inside it.

Step 3:

Tomcat installation :
>>Please download the core tar.gz file from the following

>>Untar it and copy it into /usr/local directory .
>>Rename the folder which we find earlier as tomcat .
>>now check the folder and file permission of tomcat using “ls -la” command .
>>and chance the file permission using “chmod +x *” command (need to be root user or in case of
ubuntu use sudo ) & make sure all sub folders with execution permission .
>>Lets try to test your tomcat installation . Got o /usr/locat/tomcat/bin directory and issue a command
“./startup.sh” and tomcat will up . (note : if u wish to shutdown the tomcat server you can do with with
issuing ./shutdown.sh command under /usr/local/tomcat/bin)
>>Open any browser and type the url : http://localhost:8080/

Step 4:
Now time to deploy LMF.war application .
>>just copy this archive file to the directory “/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/”
(note : hear /webapps works as a web-root like old time /httpdocs folder )

Step 5 :
Test that :
LMF is up and running on your machine : with the URL : http://localhost:8080/LMF/
I think you are with face smiling now.

Step :6
Please don't think about database right now.After LMF up and running it has option to configure
database in automatic manner.
Note ::
For further detail :


I tested this under debian .So I think debian will be fine but hope so ubuntu is also fine .

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Go Semantic

Semantic web is an amazing technology to work with enormous amount of data around us. Formal or technical or mathematical definition of semantic web may be difficult to understand someone like me.

Let think about a man how we understand any word or what is the actual semantics or meanings of a word. Such as if any one tell "Joe is a student" if we consider the word student then our brain crests some virtual image in our mind as : student >>reading, study, subject,course , institution,student name, exam result etc. Then we understand what doe's it mean by the word "STUDENT". So, this mechanism tells us information related to word student is already known by us means already associated in our mind or linked as a network of association. This is how one can understand .

In can of  machine if we create this association then machine can understand about the word STUDENT. Means machine can understand like us. Formally we know this as AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Every day huge amount of data are added to space of web. And we know modern web is also known as DATA WEB.

We can explain the associativity using a simple "FAMILY RELATIONSHIP". Father is related to son , daughter and wife. And other members also related to all other members of the same family in a round-robin style.