Monday, November 18, 2013

The TCS Story and Beyond

Author: S. Ramadorai
Publisher: Portfolio (2013)  
On the last moment before leaving chennai of my official visit to there i bough this book , but my traveler mate take the book for reading in flight . Very next day i started reading the book .

Experience after reading 30 page : I was mad to complete the book.

Whatever ! content of this book is based on real life experience of a CEO who joined in a small growing company at India while has had good opportunity at west with good salary . He joined and finally retired as a CEO of that company and along this long journey that company became one of the large IT enabled service provider in market.

What one can find this book :
A young job seeker will know about the right decision about job and getting married and taking challenges.

A young engineer will know how to interact with potential clients and adopt new technology.

Its a must read book for any new entrepreneur.

A must book read book for software engineer .

The story of IT market expansion and adoption of new technology and solution are represented here with beauty.

One can find design strategy and industry collaboration effect and impotence of R&D in every sector of technology and business  towards progress.

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