Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Writing Resume for Software Company

Fresh graduate has to write resume to represent himself/herself as a potential candidate for a job. Initially it seems a easy task to do , yes it is easy in terms of typing in a key board by enough tricky.

To Do or Not To Do :
-Write your objective as simple as possible , i recommend one - two lines .
-Must use formal English and use simple words.
-Do not put your personal information : such as --- race , moms name etc.
-Focus on your achievement rather responsibility in previous position
-Put only those technical skill you know properly , never put something super special but you have no idea with that.
-Highlight your academic performance.
-In top  : Write name , address and contact number properly
-Two page is enough to represent you , may up to three page , but not more then that . All are busy in these day they don't have much time to read your long story .
-Always use PDF format while sending resume.-Send your resume to your known ones and ask for review and comments on that , this will help you to overcome silly mistake.
-Hey! you resume if not a polish diamond , share it with others , don't be poor minded.
-Highlight research experience , if you have any but not mandatory .

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