Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Find List of Installed Package In Debian

Package management and listing installed package in debian is a regular task to us.And simple linux command can help us to find list of packages which are installed.

To find is php is installed we can use :

dpkg --get-selections | grep php

libapache2-mod-php5                             install
php-geshi                                                 install
php5                                                         install
php5-cli                                                     install
php5-common                                           install
php5-ldap                                                 install
php5-mysql                                               install

To find is python is installed we can use :

dpkg --get-selections | grep python

gimp-python                                     install
ipython                                         install
python                                          install
python-4suite-doc                               install
python-4suite-xml                               install
python-apt                                      install
python-beagle                                   install
python-brlapi                                   install
python-cairo                                    install
python-central                                  install
python-cups                                     install
python-cupsutils                                install
python-dbus                                     install
python-dev                                      install
python-dulwich                                  install
python-eggtrayicon                              install
python-elementtree                              install
python-fpconst                                  install
python-gdata                                    install
python-gdbm                                     install
python-glade2                                   install
python-gmenu                                    install



And to list all installed package under debian we can simply use :

dpkg --get-selections

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